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“When is the last time you laughed?” "Soon."

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30 October 1974
Bensenville, Illinois, United States
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air hockey, art projects, astrology, beginning gardening, biking, buffy, cartoons, crosswords, dali, dancing, dark comedies, dialogue movies, fanfiction, gambling, games, halloween, ivan albright, karma, laughing, learning, making jewelry, postsecrets, puzzles, rafting, reading, road trips, sarcastic wit, shooting pool, smack talk, sushi, swimming, tarot cards, the sound of air-brakes, travelling
I am usually up for anything, I enjoy games, puzzles and challenges, even if I lose at it I still see the fun in trying. I am loud and soft spoken. I have a sharp tongue and varied sense of humor. I am loyal and loving but not to everyone. I appreciate general courtesy and a friendly smile from passing strangers. Rarely do I go a full day without music playing. I don't play an instrument and I shouldn't sing but I still do.